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A Letter To Alumni

Posted by Catholic Distance University on Tue, Feb 06, 2018 @ 02:59 PM


Let me be the first to welcome all graduates of Catholic Distance University’s academic and continuing education certificate programs to our Alumni Association.  As a graduate, CDU considers you family.  We want to stay connected to encourage you and walk side-by-side with you on your journey.  The newly formed Alumni Association is dedicated to strengthening and working in partnership with the University to connect, support, and coordinate the global network of graduates in promoting the mission of the University and the Church Community for the glory of God.

The Alumni Association Committee plans to provide educational and spiritual support to alumni through CDU resources; foster a global communication network among the alumni to spread the good news of CDU to the Church and the world; encourage participation in programs to enhance your overall welfare; create camaraderie, sisterhood, and fraternal relationships among its members to promote full support and cooperation with CDU’s programs; develop goal-directed and structured activities that foster personal, social, and spiritual transformation as Christian-Catholics within the University, the Church, and the Community; promote awareness, concern, and commitment for Church Community issues as well as coordinate with the University administration to support and provide assistance to the University and the Church Community as projects are defined and agreed upon by the general membership.

 We hope that you will take advantage of immediate CDU resources like the new mobile-friendly website to serve more Catholics across the globe.  The Alumni page is growing and ever-changing as we listen to you and respond to your needs.  Enjoy continued access privileges to our online campus, library resources and faculty, network support, community boards and graduate thesis research through Digital Continent.  You may also take advantage of free webinars, discounted seminars and alumni courses or conferences that will be offered.  Contact Annie Hager at for more information.

We invite you to join us in our timely mission.  CDU, the world’s first fully online Catholic university, is embarking on a bold plan to fulfill God’s command to “Teach all nations.”  

Unlike most traditional universities, CDU will not be asking you to beautify our campus, to build a new stadium, or even promote a mascot.   We are asking for your testimonials, ideas, prayers, support, and community to strengthen CDU and pave the way for others to learn the Truth of our Faith.  We are hoping that you cheer us on, pray boldly, refer your friends and local church to CDU resources, share your triumphs, help each other live as an example of your faithful education, and support the University so that CDU can remain affordable and expand its reach.  Our vision is to bring you value while directly influencing the growth and effectiveness of the University for others in need. 

We are proud of our alumni and hope to connect with you soon.