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Student Profile: Aiko Foster-Sutherland

Posted by Catholic Distance University on Mon, Feb 06, 2017 @ 10:50 PM

Aiko Foster-Sutherland is a busy mother, business woman, and CDU student.  She is pursuing her BA in Theology from Japan. Aiko answered some questions to share her CDU experience from 7,630 miles away!

Tell us about where you live.

Naha, Okinawa, is a small sub-tropical island. It’s like a dot on the world map and the most remote place in Japan! A lot of US military people fall in love with this island while they are stationed here. It’s like Hawaii in Japan. 

Why did you choose a CDU education?

“I was looking for an online school that is passionate about the Catholic faith, and CDU is well-established and friendly for people who have a job. I started studying simply to deepen my faith through studying the Bible.”

How is CDU helping you reach your educational goals?

“CDU has wonderful professors who also have Catholic faith. They are highly educated, and they are very eager to help students to deepen the knowledge of the subject. CDU’s faculty and staff have been so encouraging to keep my passion for God burning. “

Since you are in a foreign country, do you feel a connection or sense of community with faculty and other students?

“Yes, I do. I have been through different stages of my life while I have been a student at CDU such as a promotion at work, moving between countries, giving birth to my daughter, and starting my own business. It’s been very challenging to stay focused on my studies, but the faculty members have helped me so much as I was going though all those stages.”

“Other students have been inspiring to me. They are from different backgrounds and upbringings. Studying at CDU helps me to realize God calls us regardless of our background and nationality. I met some students who are in the same boat as I am and they motivate me when I feel overwhelmed.”

What unique educational challenges are you experiencing in Japan?

“The population of Christians in Japan is less than 1%, so I don’t have a lot of people to share what I learn. It can get lonely sometimes, but being connected to other students at CDU helps”. 

Do you have any prayer requests?

“I’d like to break my financial difficulties and continue my education to earn a CDU Master’s degree. Also, I want to be used for God… Pray for me that I will reach out to the souls of Japanese people.”

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