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More Than Nine Out of Ten Graduates Serve the Church

Posted by Catholic Distance University on Wed, Jun 26, 2019 @ 03:47 PM

Our graduates are inspired to share their faith with others, and the needs of the Church and the individual calling of each graduate determine how each serves. After compiling data that includes our 2018 graduates, we found that our graduates are currently serving in the following roles:

  • 35% as facilitators/catechists for children or adults, Bible study, or other parish ministries;
  • 31% as directors, pastoral associates, or coordinators of religious education, spirituality, or faith formation;
  • 16% as teachers of the Catholic Faith in educational institutions;
  • 11% as writers or IT specialists in communications media for the Church;
  • 9% as deacons or consecrated persons;
  • 8% as students of higher education or studies for advanced Church positions;
  • 4% as non-retired graduates with hopes to work full time for Church after retirement;
  • 3% as prison ministry volunteers.


Women Serve the Faith

Fifty-two percent of Graduate School of Theology alumni are women. Since CDU was founded in 1983, its educational programs have offered women an
opportunity to more fully enter into the life and leadership of the Church community. About one-third of the graduate school’s faculty members are women, and a number of women serve on its Board of Trustees.


Students Go the Distance

CDU academic completion rates continue to be strong. In 2018, eight
out of 10 students who enrolled in the AA and MA programs graduated, while
nine out of 10 BA students who enrolled graduated. We are blessed with
committed academic students; their performance is well above average graduate
program statistics at both public and private universities.

Did you know?

According to 2018 graduate program surveys:

  • 100% of graduates would recommend
  • 100% of graduates achieved
    their goals;
  • 100% of graduates are
    satisfied with their studies.

Please continue to pray for our students and graduates.